• Please contact the School Administrator for assistance with editing a class because the class information is pulled directly from the SIS
  • Check out the Class Features video for a quick review of teacher’s classes
  • To edit the name of a class, please see the article - Editing Name of Class or Group

Administrators: Please note that most of these options are locked down and Classes must be updated within the SIS to be modified.

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard section
  2. Click on "Classes" within the left menu
  3. Search/scroll to find the class and click the "Details" button

  • To remove a student or teacher - Find the student or teacher in the list, click the action menu icon (•••) beside their name and choose "Remove from class"

  • To add a student or teacher - Click on the add button (+) next to the "Students" or “Teachers” section, start typing the name and select from the populated results

  • To delete a class - simply click “Delete Class” by clicking the action menu under the Class Name