Groups are intended to be virtual counterparts to physical groups such as clubs, sports, PTA, etc. Groups can be created by Administrators or Owners with customized Permissions

Following a group means that you will see the content posted from the group within the app and will receive announcement notifications from the group.

Public Group

Public Groups may consist of school-sanctioned clubs/organizations such as athletic teams, academic clubs, PTA, etc. Anyone can follow (or, unfollow) the available public groups by clicking the + next to Groups from the Feed.

Private Group

Private Groups may consist of committees, departments, teacher-led study groups, etc. A person with Admin permissions must add/remove you as a member. 


Smart builder allows you to create a dynamic group on a whim (Ex. 3rd and 4th Grade Guardians that speak Bulgarian) or CSV allows you to upload your own Group by populating a CSV using Staff and/or Student IDS OR by populating a CSV using Name + Communication. Once a list has been created and saved, you can make it available for the community (See Community Lists within Creating Groups).


  • Lists will not show within the left-navigation in the feed.
  • Lists do not add members to the district. You must add this list to a recipient group if wanting the recipients to receive the message.
  • ID uploads not available for Clever customers.

See Creating Groups for more information