1. Create the Announcement (See Create Announcements)
  2. During the Review process, select ‘Schedule Announcement’
  3. Choose the date(s) and time you want the message to be delivered
  4. You also have the option to Repeat the  announcement monthly, weekly, daily, or custom dates - simply select your wishes from the pull-down menu next to “Repeat”.
    Custom Dates: This option allows you to select random dates and times to send your announcement. After choosing "Custom Dates" from the Repeat pull-down menu, select the date and time for your first announcement and then click +Add to Schedule. Continue this process until all dates and times for said announcement has been added. Then, Click Save.
  5. Save or Add to Queue (if scheduled)

The announcement will temporarily live in the Queue tab within the Announcement Manager, which can be accessed by clicking the icon located next to the Help icon in the upper right-hand corner of the feed. From the Queue, you can edit or delete the announcement before it’s sent. Once sent, the announcement will move to the Archive tab within the Announcement Manager. See Announcement Manager for more information, such as Reusing a sent announcement from the Archive tab OR adding a sent announcement to the Favorite tab.

NOTE: Please ensure your scheduled announcement has a “Ready” status in the queue. This indicates it is ready to send. If still in Draft form, you’ll need to edit and add to queue once again so it displays in “ready” status.