• Click on the Direct Message icon to jump over to the private messaging center.
  • The message menu offers options: create new message, search past messages, or select from list of recent conversations. The most recent person messaged will show in the feed.
  • If creating a new message, select recipient(s) by typing and choosing names from the dropdown menu. Add as many people as desired to the direct message.
    Teachers and Admins can select a student’s name and “Add Guardians” and “Add Teachers” will populate. The message sender can remove any unwanted recipients from the message before sending.
  • Type your message in the field labeled “Type your message here…
  • Click Send

Attach files:

  1. Click on “Add an attachment”
  2. Select the file to include
  3. The file will upload immediately to the message




  • Direct Messages send to email and/or text immediately. 

  • Sending a Direct Message to yourself will display in-app, but our system does not send a notification (email or SMS) if you are the sender and recipient.

  • General announcement and direct messages will not send during Quiet Hours set by the District Admin. The message will send when quiet time hours have expired.
  • Any member can send messages in his/her preferred language and the app will instantly translate it for the recipient. Language preferences are pulled from the SIS or can be updated within Personal Info. Members must have a language other than English selected in order for messages to be received and responded to in the preferred language. The translation toggle populates when members have a correspondence language other than English.
  • Any person can respond to a direct message within the app, via email, or SMS text message. 
  • If a person has opted-in for text messages, they will receive the direct message via SMS text message. A person can select to opt-out by responding “Stop” or altering Notification preferences with Personal Settings.
  • Any time you see the Direct Message bubble next to a person’s name, you can click the bubble to direct message him/her on the fly. The message will deliver in the preferred language of the recipient.
  • Recipients must be within your oversight or a coworker (administrator, teacher, faculty, parent, and/or student).
  • Once a member is part of a conversation, they will always remain in the conversation.