Quiet Hours: 

  • General Announcements and Direct Messages will not send during “quiet hours” set by the District Administrator. If a person attempts to send or schedule an announcement during quiet hours, it will automatically save to the Announcement Manager - Queue tab and send when quiet time is over. The Direct Message will send to the recipient when quiet time ends.

  • Alerts and Notifications will not alert or notify during quiet time hours unless a member has special permission to override quiet hours.

  • Emergency Announcements will send at any time, even during quiet hours.

  • Urgent Alerts will send a phone call, SMS, and email but will not include "Emergency" in the message content like an Emergency announcement. To send this type of announcement requires special permissions.

Special Override Permissions:

Admins can give special permissions to members in order to override quiet hours and/or send urgent messaging (See: Customizing Member Permissions). To enable permissions for a person to override quiet hours: 

  1. Head Dashboard - Members
  2. Click ‘info’ next to the member
  3. Select the “Permissions” tab
  4. Within the Moderator permission set, click on Customize this user. There are four additional options that do not pull over as permissions from the SIS:
    • Can override Quiet Hours settings for Schoolwide Announcements
    • Can override Quiet Hours settings for Districtwide Announcements
    • Can set announcements as Urgent (overrides notification preferences like an Emergency but sends like a general announcement)
    • Can include emergency contacts on Urgent announcements 


  1. An Admin can only update permissions for another member and cannot update his/her own permissions.
  2. Even with override permissions, you cannot schedule an announcement to send during Quiet Hours. If the announcement is created during quiet hours and you press send, you will receive a prompt asking if you wish to override quiet hours.