SIS Integration Report

Available to those with District Admin permissions from some districts, the SIS Integration reports show the data from the SIS compared to the information within Signal Kit. These reports update after every sync.

Dashboard>"SIS" Integration

Then, choose the Validation Reports tab to download the CSV:


  • ID = Staff ID 

  • Permanent ID = Student ID

  • Status

    • Valid = we pull over the information from the staff, contact, and/or student record

    • Notification preference = must be set to General and Emergency or Emergency Only in the SIS

    • Communication methods = record must contain communication value(s) such as email or phone number

    • Inactive Status Code = this must be empty. If a code is populated, we don’t pull the data for that particular staff/contact/student 

    • Records in SIS must have first and/or last name

  • Correspondence Language = pulled from the contact record in the SIS. Student correspondence language pulled from the student record.

  • School Code = school numbers that are affiliated with each staff/contact/student

The "from client" tabs indicate the information in the SIS. The status column indicates a reason why the member isn't syncing to Signal Kit.

The "in SK" tabs indicate the valid members pulled from the SIS.

The "diff" tabs indicate the items in the SIS that are either not found or don't match the data in Signal Kit. Update the SIS to ensure the information the information remains permanent after every sync. 


  • Signal Kit only checks the data that's "Valid" in the status column

  • If a staff member is also a contact in the district, he/she commonly surface in the staff “diff” report due to another parent account

  • First name, last name, and communication values must match exactly on records in order for merging to occur during a sync