If your district and/or schools would also like to publish announcement content to Twitter, these steps will allow content to be created within the system.

  1. Dashboard users will see a "Social Media" menu item. This will load the Social Media view and where social media accounts are added and managed. To add a district Twitter handle, ensure that the context switcher on the left is set for the District. To add a school Twitter handle, make sure the school in question is displaying in the context switcher.
  2. Click "Add Twitter Account"
  3.  The Twitter account authorization screen will appear. Enter the login credentials for the Twitter account.
  4. After entering the information, you will be taken back to the Twitter account detail page. If you wish, you may link multiple Twitter handles to a district or school and the announcement creator can select which to use during the announcement the creation process.
  5.  You can add as many staff users to the account as you wish by clicking the "+" symbol next to Owners. Enter the name of the user you wish to provide permissions to use the account and select them from the list. These are the only users who will be able to send to the account. They must also have a role which allows them to create announcements.
  6. After you have added Owners to the account, you can revisit the Twitter account detail page to add/remove users or delete the account link completely. If you remove a user, they will be notified via Direct Message that they no longer have access.

Publishing Announcements to Twitter

For users who have been assigned permissions, a new optional channel will appear in the announcement modality step. It will be disabled by default.  Enable Twitter and click 'Customize' to enter custom content. NOTE: You cannot upload images or graphics to Twitter announcements at this time but this feature will be added in a forthcoming release.